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All “graduations” in human development means the abandonment of a familiar position…all growth …must come to terms with the fact.

White Windows Consulting builds the Experience to stimulate Learning: Training is a two way interactive process where the adult chooses to learn/unlearn any knowledge, skill & competency that he comes across or experiences in his day to day life unlike Education which is based on knowledge & is mostly one way interactive.

White Windows Consulting India approach is based on Kolb’s experiential learning approach


Core Interventions on Experiential Learning facilitated by White Windows Consulting

Key Interventions

  • Leadership Development: Creating Action leaders
  • Symphony at Work � Team Building: Reducing governance issues
  • Building Managerial Effectiveness: Based on world wide research for creating effective managers
  • Enabling Excellence � Achievement Motivation: A must for an Achieving company
  • Managing Emotional Intelligence: A must for operations/technical people


The White Windows Consulting Promise

We know LEADERSHIP and are PASSIONATE about it.

White Windows Consulting believes that Organisation Leadership is about creating a healthy TALENT PIPELINE.

We look at all angles of the leadership equation - not just assessment, not just development, but a holistic view of the business strategy so that we can ensure that successful succession in the supply-side of talent in the organisation

Experintial Learning


  • Strategy v/s Operations
  • The Preferred Hat
  • Leadership Values
  • The Action Leader
  • Decision Making-facts or intuition
  • Sense of Urgency in others
  • Setting Stretch Goal Behaviour
  • Assesses risks and benefits and decides quickly on an appropriate
  • The zone of Passion
  • Urgent viz important
  • Decision making process and the power of self belief and analytical approach

Experintial Learning


To make managers understand and experience:

  • The Fundamentals of Management
  • How to be an Effective Manager
  • How to connect team to the business
  • The importance of managing others and why it is important to the company
  • The supportive network for their effectiveness
  • To explore the domains of managerial effectiveness - Self Management, Interpersonal Effectiveness & Group Effectiveness
  • To facilitate Problem Solving & Decision Making Skills
  • The communicating Manager
  • Manager as Coach
    • Coaching for Success
    • Coaching for Improvement
    • Managing Performance Issues


Key Focus to set Managers in a action learning context:

  • Fundamentals of Management
  • Goal Setting
  • Problem Solving
  • Managerial Roles & Capabilities
  • Decision Making
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness
  • Influencing
  • Communication
  • Fostering Collaboration, Commitment and Team Work
  • Expect and Enable Excellence
  • Coaching for Success
  • Coaching for Improvement

Key Focus to set the team in a action learning context

  • Shared Vision
  • Absence of trust�unwilling to be�vulnerable�within the group
  • Fear of conflict�seeking�artificial harmony�over constructive passionate debate
  • Lack of commitment�feigning buy-in for group decisions creates�ambiguity�throughout the organization
  • Avoidance of accountability�ducking the responsibility to call peers on counterproductive behavior sets�low standards
  • Inattention to results�focusing on personal success,�status and ego�before team success
  • Understanding and Appreciation of fellow team members
  • Clear understanding of their/others role & responsibility in achieving team/project goals
  • Stages in a Team: Forming � Storming � Norming � Performing - Transforming

Emotions are Intelligent?

What is Emotion?

�A feeling & its distinctive thoughts, psychological & biological states, & range of propensities to act�

- by Daniel Goleman

Family of Emotion

Some candidates of this family are

  • Love: acceptance, trust, affinity, adoration, agape, devotion
  • Enjoyment: contentment, bliss, delight, amusement, pride, whimsy
  • Anger: fury, outrage, resentment, exasperation, vexation, acrimony
  • Sadness: grief, gloom, melancholy, dejection, sorrow, despair
  • Fear: anxiety, apprehension, misgiving, qualm, phobia, panic
  • Surprise: astonishment, amazement, wonder, shock
  • Disgust: contempt, disdain, scorn, abhorrence, revulsion
  • Shame: guilt, embarrassment, remorse, humiliation, contrition


Emotional Intelligence is a 2 day learning intervention to address the following for the participants:

  • To increase the level of self-awareness about feelings
  • To Understand how emotions can influence thoughts, behavior, goals, decision�making, and work / personal relationships
  • Using Emotions positively in Stressful Situations
  • To make individuals more sensitive to their own needs and the needs of others
  • Enhanced awareness about how emotions affect behavior and equip the individuals with tools and strategies to move from Negative to Positive Emotional State for winning
  • To do define some clear targets for next FY

Broad Themes

  • The Emotional Brain
  • The nature of Emotional Intelligence
  • The Emotional Intelligence Applied
  • Emotional Literacy for building effective relations
  • Perceiving Emotions
  • Using Emotions for self Effectiveness & with others
  • Understanding Emotions to avoid failures
  • Managing Emotions to achieve Goals



Experintial Learning Experintial Learning

Need for Achievement Motivation

Self motivated people believes in competing with the standards and focuses on Achievement as a habit. This program revolves around creating the need for achievement in an individual. A must for software product company


  • To help individual the trait of bettering standards set by `Self� and `others� as opposed to competing with others
  • To trigger of the need for achievement in an individual
  • To help the participant to examine his own self and relate his image of himself with the environment.
  • To understand ones� own Goal Setting and Planning Behavior
  • To understand one�s own Risk taking behavior
  • To make participants develop tolerance for ambiguity
  • To make participants have the attitude to learn from mistakes
  • To make one aware about his own style of influencing others and on-going situations.
  • To enable him to recognize his creative and innovative potential


  • Driving your Destiny
  • Driven by Achievements
  • Passion to Succeed
  • Tapping latent potential of ones inner self
  • Preparing for setbacks
  • Thinking out of the box
  • Ability to take moderate risks
  • Ability to deal with fear
  • Tolerance for ambiguity

  • Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things: Peter F Drucker
  • If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old: Peter F Drucker
  • Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things: Peter F Drucker 
  • Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision: Peter F Drucker
  • What's measured improves: Peter F Drucker
  • Leaders achieve lasting power and glory by exercising compassion and selfless service.: Bhagvad Gita
  • Renounce negative thoughts, words, and actions: Bhagvad Gita
  • People don't resist change. They resist being changed: Peter Senge
  • Management is, above all, a practice where art, science, and craft meet Henry Mintzberg
  • The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual: Vince Lombardi
  • The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual: Vince Lombardi
  • All of us do not have equal talent. Yet all of us equal opportunity to develop our talent: Ratan Tata
  • Do not wait to strike till iron is hot but make it hot by striking: William Buell
  • If you are born poor, its not your mistake but if you die poor its your mistake: Bill Gates
  • It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you dont stop: Confucius
  • Let us not pray to be sheltered from Danger but to be fearless in facing them: Rabindranath Tagore
  • Strength lies in differences and not in similarities: Steven Covey
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